Gyroplane Flying for Beginners
By Patrick Howell
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A Guide to Getting your Gyro Licence
This comprehensive book (PDF format ) is a 'must' for those wishing to take up this type of sport flying. It contains 24 chapters with over 140 pages packed with detailed information covering all aspects of owning, operating and flying a Gyroplane.
"Gyroplane Flying for Beginners is a most comprehensive publication covering every aspect an aspiring Gyroplane pilot would need to appreciate and understand in order to fly these little aircraft safely for himself and others.
The Gyroplane is a unique member of 'the family of aircraft', with many special attributes, of small size, the ability to fly very slowly without risk of a stall and to operate in winds that would be too much for other light aircraft. However, that does not mean that a pilot should abuse the forgiving nature of the Gyroplane. All aircraft have their limitations.
This book give constructive advice on every aspect of a very serious subject, but the odd moment of humour is introduced. This makes it all the more readable and assists in emphasising some improtant points. Even those who have already qualified as Gyroplane pilots will probably find they have something to learn from the book 'For Beginners'."
Topics covered include; personal health and fitness, how a Gyroplane works, safety precautions, airfield protocol, radio, ground handling, flight characteristics, going solo, weather limitations, General Flight Test and future designs.
A Foreword by the late Wing Commander K.H. Wallis M.B.E., Deng(hc), FRAeS., FSETP, RAF (Ret'd)
Priced @ 19.95 GBP - PDF format only
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