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You Can Afford to be a Pilot
How to become a pilot and fly for fun on a middle income budget
                                    by Tim O'Connor
Unlike any other publication, this book takes the reader on a complete
tour of the pilot training and certification process from the perspectives of
the instructor, examiner and student from the point of initial interest through to becoming a fully certified pilot. Aimed primarily at the U.S. market, this publication gives serious advice and imparts knowledge that will prove useful to budding pilots and owners wherever they live.

Author Tim O'Connor is himself a certified Flight Instructor and Commercial Rotorcraft pilot who has used his knowledge and skills to open the door to flight for those who thought they could not afford to fly. The fact is, flying can be done by people of middle-class means and this book is a convincing guide to make the dream of flight attainable.

From initial interest through to check ride, this book will be invaluable to
the aspiring pilot and includes - reducing the cost of flying lessons, maintaining your aircraft, working with the pilot community, avoiding many costly pitfalls, how to cost effectively store and transport your aircraft, optimising your flight lessons, evaluating your student pilot learning style and how to deal with common flight training errrors and problems.

There are special sections on Gyroplanes/Gyrocopters, Trikes, Fixed
Wing Aircraft, Powered Parachutes, Powered Paragliders, Ultralights,
Light Sport Aircraft, Sport Pilot Lessons, Sport Pilot check ride, Sport
Pilot Oral Exam, Sport Pilot Knowledge Test, Purchasing and choosing
an aircraft and what to look for when buying your preferred aircraft.
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Author Tim O'Connor who is based near Ohio U.S.A. is also an expert in computer networking, security and technical training, holds numerous pilot ratings including Advanced Ground Instructor, has written numerous articles for such publications as 'Rotorcraft', EAA Sport Pilot, Sport Aviation, The Experimenter, Light Plane World, Homebuilt Rotorcraft, Powered Sport Flying and is currently Vice President of the U.S. based 'Popular Rotorcraft Association'.