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Dear Sir/Madam
Very happy with my order – prompt service and good product range. T. F. Canada
Dear Gyrobooks
Good website and prompt service – very happy D. V. Australia
Dear Gyrobooks
Can't see how you could do better – ordering is simple, communications are prompt and delivery was excellent – very pleased L.G. Hampshire.
Wow – service is excellent – UK to USA in 5 days, couldn't be better N.B. N.Y. State.
Easy ordering and quick delivery – very pleased with products I received. V.P. Somerset.
Dear Gyro books,
We have been using your products for nearly two years and have always found you helpful and accommodating with a speedy and efficient service. Charles W. Surrey.
Dear Sir,
Delivery to me here in South Africa was slow – but books eventually arrived in good order – no problem with product or comms. L.V. Capetown S.Africa
Dear Gyrobooks,
Just to say how impressed we were with your service – your products are excellent and pricing is very competitive – easy and straightforward ordering. V. W. Scotland
Dear Gyro books
Just to let you know that I am completely happy with your website services and products – I will definitely come back to you again P.W. Denmark
You are a breath of fresh air on the Gyro Scene – at last someone out there has taken the trouble to cater for our much criticised form of flying B. J. Spain
To Gyrobooks,
V. Good products and service – would recommend to other Gyro minded persons A.N. Germany
Dear Gyrobooks,
Just received my order from you – waited only two days – brilliant service and excellent product range. Will deal again V. A. Birmingham U.K.
These are just some of the many reports we've received over the last three years
Hello Gyrobooks,
Thanks for your prompt service delivering this book, it`s an excellent manual! ,Kind regards, D.W. - UK
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Dear Sirs
Straight forward to deal with, good products and quick delivery, would recommend. K.A. U.S.A.
Dear Gyrobooks
Excellent Website. I am very pleased with items sent promptly, thanks. J.E. Poland
I received my order in mail in good condition. I am looking forward to reading and studying about gyros as I plan to add on endorsement to my pilot certificate. If FAA changes regs I hope to buy a ready to fly gyrocopter. Thanks for your speedy shipment T.L. - U.S.A.
I just wanted to let you know that my order came today in the mail. Just had a chance to thumb through it. I know it will be great reading it. Good doing business with you. I know I will be making future purchases. Thanks, J.T. MI U.S.A.
Dear Gyrobooks,
Received the books today- Thank You. Hope to start my gyro adventure next winter. Just trying to learn all I can beforehand. D.S. U.S.A.
To Gyrobooks - Thanks Dave for your excellent service. Your DVD''s arrived here within 5 days of ordering and have viewed two of them already. They are brilliant and definitely capture the thrill of flying a Gyro - I don't know how you managed to film it so steady from a single seater. Good commentary too and very informative. Will recommend to all my friends,
Yours, G.A. Texas, U.S.A.
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Dear Gyrobooks,
I have received all manuals in great shape thank you - please keep me on your mailing list for other info. when available - all I need now is a new Gyrocopter L.P. Florida
Dear Gyrobooks
Thanks for what you do for aviation. It is a shame that more enthusiasts do not jump in and offer important information to the public. J.C. Texas
Never had a problem with Gyrobooks – keep up the good work W.E. Florida USA
Dear Gyrobooks
Received faulty book but was replaced promptly without fuss – excellent service – good value and communications V.L. Lithuania
Dear Dave
Thank you for the excellent service received from you. I ordered The Gyrocopter Pilots Handbook on 25th November 2015 and received order acknowledgement on 26th November and the book arrived yesterday 27th November! Now that's what I call service! The book is impressive and I am sure the recipient will be just as impressed when he receives it for his birthday next week. J.W. - U.K.
To Gyrobooks
Fabulous Gyro site - great item just as described . one very satisfied customer A.W. Germany
Dear Gyrobooks,
I received your book "Autogyros, Gyroplanes & Gyrocopters" and I am writing to say I have not met any other publication or website which has better overview of different gyroplane manufacturers in Europe and America. You have done really great job on it - although, I was a bit surprised that CarterCopters were not mentioned. All in all, I liked your book a lot because of the overview, explanations on the theory and nice photos. I hope it will not be the author’s last gyroplane publication as mentioned in the introduction of the book.
K.R. Helicopter Student Pilot, Estonian Aviation Academy.
Hello Dave,
 I received the book of Shirley Jennings, I am very satisfied with your service for the speed of sending, now I still have to enjoy this book, thank you again and pleasure.
Best regard. M.L.B. France
Morning Dave. Got the book yesterday and I'm already a third of the way into it. Thanks for your prompt service. Very much appreciated. All that's left now is some training, a lottery win and buying a suitable gyro!
Thanks again and best regards,
M.C. U.K
The book came in perfect shape and very timely. I am very impressed with your service.

D. K. California
Dave. My dog must be working for you ! It ate my gyro book that's why I'm re-ordering.
If it eats this one I'm send you my dog.
Thanks again - A.M. AZ
 Hello Dave,
I have received the gyro-book in top condition and I am a gyro-pilot who flies a Magni M24 Orion.
A friend from me says, that this gyro-book is one of the best reference-books. So I bought this book and now I can confirm his statement. Many many thanks for this excellent work.
N.L. Germany
 Hi Dave,
Just received my Gyroplane Pilot's Handbook. It arrived quickly and in good shape, despite the envelope having a little tear. My wife and I are both training in our Magni M24. Been through the Gyropedia and can't wait to go through the book form.

B. K. Illinois, USA