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'Airfix' James Bond Autogyro 007
1:24 Scale Model
These model kits are rarely seen these days, the last being marketed in 1996 and so are now regarded as unique collectors' items if you can find them.
Gyrobooks has at last been able to source a limited number of these kits all new and sealed in their original clear plastic wallets with fully detailed instructions. The boxes are still in good condition.
The kit gives the modeller the choice of two alternative models to construct one being the British Army open framed version WA-116 XR942 with its own unique Army markings and the other being the full James Bond 'Little Nellie' model with cockpit nacelle and full armaments. Both models are derived from the same basic airframe construction and if so desired, the open framed army version can be converted to the full 'Little Nellie' version, bearing in mind that different markings and transfers apply.
1 - open frame but with 'Little Nellie' paintwork
2 - 'Little Nellie' with
   both half nacelles
3 - with one half
'Little Nellie' the code name of the diminutive Autogyro used in the Bond film 'You Only Live Twice' is a Wallis military type WA-116 flown by its designer Wg. Comm. K.H. Wallis MBE, RAF retired who doubled for James Bond played by Sean Connery in the exciting aerial sequences. The type WA-116 was granted a special category Certificate of Airworthiness in 1962 and three military examples (XR942-3 and 4) were used until 1964 for various trials by the British Army XR943 went on to become 'Little Nellie'. An optional set of markings is included for an open framed WA-116, XR942.
The Wallis design incorporates several special features and inventions the basic WA-116 and later versions having successfully operated in many parts of the World.
All Wallis Autogyros are designed for specific tasks both military and civil these range from Police work to detect illicit graves i.e. murder victims using Plessey radar, to scanning Loch Ness in 1970 using a Rolls Royce powered Wallis WA-117 equipped with infra-red sensor cameras looking for the illusive 'Nessie'.
Wallis series Autogyros have, at one time held every World Record for speed, range, altitude and duration although today, many of them have now been superseded with records set using more sophisticated and powerful machines.
More detailed information on the Wallis Series Autogyros can be found in the book 'Autogyros, Gyroplanes and Gyrocopters' by Dave Organ look on the 'Products' page.
4 - fully assembled
      'Little Nellie'
Skill level 2
Priced @ 39.95 GBP plus shipping
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